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CarolAnn Harkavy    MemoryWorks independent Consultant #406

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MemoryWorks NEW consultant Kit
means you can customize you kit to your needs!
You won't get stuck with product you already own or that doesn't suit your style!

Family faces are magic mirrors.
Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present & future.
We make discoveries about ourselves.

- Gail Lumet Buckley

You are Invited to BECOME A CONSULTANT!

Whether you’re looking to build a full-time business, enjoy a part-time career, earn extra income for your family – or simply want to expand your scrapbook collection with a great product discount - you’ll love the flexibility and benefits that MemoryWorks offers:

LOW ENTRY FEE - MemoryWorks has made it easy for anyone to become an Independent Scrapbook Consultant with an affordable entry fee. Register as a MemoryWorks Consultant and enjoy the low entry fee of only $39.95, plus in shipping and your local sales tax

PRODUCT DISCOUNT - As an Independent Scrapbook Consultant you will receive a 20% product discount on the entire MemoryWorks product line. It’s the perfect way to build your scrapbook inventory for business or personal use. No matter the product, you will love the extra money you’ll save!

FINANCIAL REWARDS - As a MemoryWorks consultant you will receive a 20% commission on all net retail sales generated at your home, catalog or crop parties. There’s no complicated paper work or waiting for commission checks, simply keep 20% of profits generated at your party. For example, if you generate $300 in retail sales, you can immediately take home $60!

CONSULTANT STARTER KIT: ONLY $39.95 (plus applicable tax & shipping) - Don't be obligated to receive sample products that you may already own or may not suit your style - with MemoryWorks, buy only products which cater to your individual needs! We're thrilled to introduce our brand new Consultant Kit which contains everything you will need to build a profitable business, including:

MemoryWorks Canvas Messenger Scrapbook Bag ($25.00 value)

New Start-up Folder

MemoryWorks Mouse Pad ($7.00 value)

MemoryWorks Product Catalog Pack ($17.00 value)

3" MemoryWorks Button ($2.00 Value)

15 MemoryWorks Order Form Duplicates ($4.00 value)

5 pack MemoryWorks Pens ($2.00 value)

NO PRESSURE SALES - MemoryWorks is a single-level direct sales business unit and is not comprised of a complicated multi-level structure. The MemoryWorks approach simply allows you the opportunity to share your passion and talent for scrapbooking with others, while earning extra money and receiving a substantial discount on great products!

LOW, LOW MINIMUM SALES - There are absolutely no monthly minimums or quarterly sales quotas to meet. In order to remain an active consultant, you only need to place a personal, customer or party order $75 or more per year, making this requirement easily obtainable any scrapbooker! As a consultant for MemoryWorks, you will have the flexibility to earn as much or as little as you would like – it’s up to you! Whether you’re interested in running your own profitable scrapbook business or simply want to enjoy the benefits of discounted supplies – MemoryWorks helps you achieve your individual goals.

CONSULTANT REWARDS - Although you are not required to recruit new consultants, you will be financially rewarded with a $15 product credit, good towards MemoryWorks merchandise, for each new consultant you recruit to the program!

NEWSLETTER - All consultants will receive a bi-monthly company newsletter featuring spotlights on consultants, current sales promotions, consultant sales incentives, product up-dates, new techniques and tools, business and industry information and more!

BUSINESS TRAINING - All new MemoryWorks consultants will receive a comprehensive training guide for new consultants, which covers everything you will need to learn how to run a successful MemoryWorks business.

CONSULTANT SUPPORT - As an Independent Consultant you are always part of the MemoryWorks family! As a member of the MemoryWorks team you are assured quality products, efficient consultant service and constant support.


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